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 I finally finished watching s1 of this show and I love it, but in a non-shippy kind of way. As a social activist, I thought I would be more drawn to Sam then Coco, but Coco ended up being my favorite. There is something about her experience as a darkskinned woman with ambition that really spoke to me. I think a part of it is that she spent a lot of time navigating a very white world as the "other"

I spent a good amount of time feeling that way. But, I also felt for Sam just in a different way. The tension between Coco and Sam was my favorite part of the series thus far. While I like Reggie, I kind of want him to get over Sam and with Joelle. There is just something sweet about her crush, but I love how she doesn't allow it to consume her.

Shout Out to Aaron Rose the hipster returning. I mean JP Amerdori. His character was sweet and unassuming, but his feelings for Sam feel like he is trying to prove a point then out of actual affection. I say this as a person who is a longstanding participant in an inter-racial relationship. He just comes across as fake woke to me. But, I could just be projecting because there is just something so awkward about that whole relationship.

Basically, I love this show, but as per usual I seem to be out of the loop with fandom who seem all over Sam/Reggie.
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