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I thought I would place all my reviews for this week in one post. 

The Flash

This episode was a bit of a downer, but the glaring costume changes really took a big part of the emotional impact away for me. I just couldn't see past the awful wig placed on Grant Gustin's head. I thought he did a great job playing present day Barry who was overtaken with emotion by seeing how broken his future self is. But, I wasn't really feeling emo Barry. I felt bad for him but much like the end of s1, beginning of s2, he was far too up his own ass to see that he was neglecting the city and Joe/Wally. My heart broke to see what had become of Wally. I was amazed that Joe was able to hold it together at all. Poor Cisco lost his hands yet managed to keep a sense of hope. Team Flash really means so much to him. 

Caitlin, I like her when she's just scientist, but this bad ass evil wannabee just isn't working. I keep seeing the disney princess popping through. I have a theory about who Savitar is, but I am probably wrong since my speccing skills are so rusty. If I had to guess, I'd say its Ronnie or Eddie. I am not sure which one, but I think Ronnie is too easy so I'd say Eddie. 


Finally Angelo and Cookie are done. I just don't like him. He's a nearly fifty year old mama's boy. That's just straight up weird, plus he had every sign in the world that she wasn't done with Luscious. I hope they actually get together and she stops whining about the 17 years cause one) it was her idea two) she's always going to go back to Luscious. I want to know who this Nia Long character is. She seems sketchy af. Also its just an excuse to do a new triangle. I hope there is some pay off for all this heavy handed drama. I also think that Andre is going to end up sleeping with Anika. 

I don't know what he is on about tbh? I just don't get his motivation. IF he is pissed about Rhonda he should be taking it out on Anika and not his father unless this is just another pissing contest between Luscious and his boy. 
Okay back to Angelo and Cookie. A public proposal? Really? What the hell was he thinking? They haven't even been together long enough to justify something like that. Also his verbal assault on Cookie? Um no! She owes you nothing! You didn't have to do those things, you chose too. Also check your mic dumbass. I just can't feel sorry for someone who let an innocent girl drown and still acts holier than though. Luscious is a snake, but at least he knows he is snake and doesn't act like he is a good guy. 

Either way, it should be interesting what comes next especially now that Guiliana is in the picture. Will Cookie fight for Luscious or go back to swearing at his existence.


This show has really become my new guilty pleasure. Betty and Jughead are definitely giving me Dan and Serena feels (albeit they are less sexual than those too were). I loved Betty's declaration that she loved Jughead. I have been fearing the reemergence of the love triangle from the comic books and thus put off watching this episode. Apparently, there was nothing for me to worry about because Betty was all about Juggie and couldn't care less about Veronica/Archie in a romantic sense. She was merely mad at them for trying to dig up dirt on FP because she saw it as a betrayal of Jughead. Jughead is such a hot-head. He needs to trust in Betty's feelings for him and stop projecting his insecurities on to her.

I love FP. He is sketchy, but there is still something so endearing about him. Alice is fifty shades of cray cray. Hal can join her in that realm. 

Speaking of cray--omg those wigs. Creepy as all hell. I still think Mr. Blossom is the actual crazy one. 

Polly is dumb. Real dumb.

I don't know what to think about Cheryl. One minute I feel for her, the next I want her to take a flying leap.

Veronica and Archie were cute trying to do the sleuthing thing, but JB did it better. I do like their chem though. Archie actually seems like he is genuinely into her.

Other than FP/Hal/ Alice I have like 0 interest in the Adults. I am not interested in the romantic quandries of dylan mckay.

Pretty Little Liars

Um I don't know who AD is, but they are creepy as all hell. Poor Emily. Why is she stuck in this love triangle from hell?
Spencer needs to ease up on Veronica, the woman took you in and loved you despite the fact that you were the love child of her husband and some rando crazy chick.


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